Welcome To My Homepage

Welcome To My Homepage Battle of The Systems Scientists Video Game System Page!!!!!!!

Have Fun

    Hello site visitors. I am Jordan Goodman, I created this site because I was extremely bored. On this site you will see or read about whatever I feel like putting on this website. There will be no telling when I will add something to the website. My website might not be very exciting so you can check goodmanz.2itB.com or jacob'schickennetwork.2itB.com. I won't be offended if you leave. Have fun on this website!

Time line

  1. December 28th 2006- I launch my site
  2. December 29th 2006- I add Battle of the Systems
  3. January 4th 2007- I add Scientists
  4. Battle of systems update 2/26/07.

Battle of The ultimate gaming systems

    The Nintendo Wii and PS3 are very different, but which one is the better system? Click the words on the left, "Battle of the systems," to see my reviews.